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The SAFER™ System

Fleet Safety International / The SAFER™ System

About Fleet Safety International’s “SAFER™ System”

The SAFER™ System is a program designed by Dr. R.H. Flemmer specifically to meet the needs of corporations throughout the world. The Mentally Active SAFER™ System is not only a Strategic Based system but is also a Behaviour Based system that incorporates the knowledge that regardless of anyone’s driving skills, some days we are better drivers than others.

The SAFER™ system takes core strategic defensive driving concepts and incorporates key research about Adult Learning Theory, Change Theory and Modern Defensive Driving theory to create a system that focuses on driver behaviour and attitudes.

While driving, individuals constantly shift through three levels of awareness. Ideally, we would like all drivers to stay in the middle, in a Mentally Active/Proactive state of awareness. This is not realistically possible. The SAFER™ System is designed to acknowledge this and help drivers identify when they have drifted away from the center and provide strategies to move them back to the center towards Active Driver Awareness.

What does

SAFER™ stands for?

S – Space
A – Attitude
F – Foresight
E – Eyesight
R – Responsibility

When We Drive,
We Must Always Keep In Mind:

“Regardless of anyone’s knowledge, skill, experience or training, there are some days that we are better drivers than we are on other days.”