Driving School Enhancement Program

Fleet Safety International / Driving School Enhancement Program

Hi, I am Dr. Randy Flemmer

(President of Fleet Safety International)

I would like to invite you to view the specifics our new Driving School Enhancement Program. This program provides tools, strategies and opportunities, to take your driving school to a new level. Here at FSI, we consider this as a partnership opportunity as well and hope that you do too.

The Driving School Enhancement program is designed as a toolbox packed with resources to:

  • Increase profits with cost-saving measures;
  • Provide professional development opportunities for instructors;
  • Provide growth advice to driving school owners.
  • Add core courses to your catalogue which will:
  • Increase customer engagement and enrolment.
  • Enhance the parent and student learn-to-drive experience, and
  • Provide opportunities to participate in online program revenues.

The Driving School Enhancement Program Includes:

The Teach Your Teen to Drive Program:

A 16-module program designed to support and enhance the learning experience for parents and students that are enrolled in your programs.

Online Student Progress Report:

This digital form, if you choose to use it, saves time, improves accuracy, and makes government reporting easier.

Driving Instructor Professional Development Program:

This program provides a tool chest of activities and knowledge that can assist new employees to gain their instructors license, and provides existing employees with additional knowledge and skills. For driving school owners, it saves both time and money in training costs. Also included in the program, is a video training series and a special program that helps instructors learn how to integrate the FSI SAFER System of defensive driving into their instruction.

The Power of for Growth Program:

Provides driving school owners with practical advice and strategies to grow their businesses.

The Revenue Generation Program:

As part of the package, driving schools will have an opportunity to generate additional revenues from key FSI online programs such as:

  • The SAFER Defensive Driving Program;
  • Winter Driving
  • Fatigue
  • Corporate Driver Coaching Program

The Driving School Enhancement Program Cost:

All of this is available for one low monthly subscription cost of $150.00. Better yet, the additional revenues that you earn, not only pay for the cost of the program but can add significantly to your bottom line, without increasing your costs.

About the Programs

Teach Your Teen to Drive Program


Transport Canada in their Road Safety section recommends as much as 120 hours of practice time to provide new drivers with needed experience.

Teaching Your Teen How to Drive” provides parents with a full plan and tool kit to maximize practice time.

As a driving school, this is a way to assist your students toward a life time of safe driving.

Content Overview:
  • Core Parent Information
  • Driving for the first time
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Residential Driving
  • Major Road Driving
  • SAFER Defensive Driving
  • Freeways and highways
  • Driving downtown
  • Emergency driving
  • Night driving
  • Winter driving
  • Rural road driving
  • Manual Transmissions
  • Road test preparation

Online Student Progress Report

As a driving school owner myself, I understand the challenges for tracking down paperwork from instructors. What if you could access a student’s progress anytime from anywhere?

Utilizing this digital student progress report will simply save you hours of administration costs.

However, if you wish to still continue with a paper version, we will supply a PDF version of the digital version for you to use.

Driving Instructor Professional Development Program

Creating Lifelong Habits of Safe Driving

I have been in the driver education business for over 40 years. That is a long time. For much of this time, I have developed custom fleet safety programs for many large companies.

Through this training, I really got to understand safe driving and what it really means. I had the chance to work with some of the safest drivers in the world, and trust me how the real professional drivers approach driving as compared to average drivers is different.

In this program, I bring all that I have learned about the skills, strategies, and techniques that professional drivers use to stay collision-free into the curriculum. You and your students will benefit from this knowledge that I have acquired over a lifetime in the industry.

Driving Instructor Video Training Program

A series of instructional videos that assist trainees to prepare for a government driving instructor test.

Topics include:
  • Commentary driving
  • Visual aids
  • Under-the-hood inspections
  • Exterior inspections
  • Entering and exiting the vehicle
  • Basic habits
  • Starting the vehicle
  • Entering a curb lane to park
  • Right and left turns
  • Straight line backing
  • Parking

FSI Revenue Generating Programs

This aspect of our Driving School Enhancement Program is one of the key benefits of participating in the program.

Participating driving schools receive a custom-designed landing page and become a reseller of valuable Fleet Safety International online programs.

Driving Schools receive 35% of the selling price.

These additional programs can be easily marketed to your customers, the community and local businesses. Simply add these courses to your existing marketing campaigns.

Programs include:

  • The SAFER Defensive Driving Program
  • Winter Driving
  • Fatigue
  • Corporate Driver Coaching Program

(There is also an opportunity to participate in the FSI Driver Coaching Program which can be marketed to local businesses.)

SAFERTM Defensive Driving Instructor Integration Training Program

Having a systemized defensive driving strategy taught consistently to all your students, enhances the overall quality of instruction and provides a strong learning environment for your students.

We have developed The SAFER System of Defensive Driving over a period of 40 years and now your school can use this key program to differentiate you for other driving schools.

This instructor integration program provides key integration strategies that can help your instructors build a life time of safe driving skills into their student’s lessons.

Power Up for Growth Program

How can you create a new growth culture in your driving school, where quality training is simply a natural part of the instructor’s job?

How do we create an atmosphere where employees take pride in providing top level service?

To create a culture of quality and growth, driving schools must be prepared to support long-term ongoing initiatives. Organizational goals and policies must reflect the importance of quality and senior employees must lead the way by example.

This program is a guide to assist you through this process.

Subscription Costs & Funding Possibilities

The program is a subscription-based program for $150.00 a month. However, there are many options that can allow you to access this program that would not only pay for the program but even provide additional revenues.

1. Increase your prices slightly.
2. Charge a small fee for the Teach Your Teen to Drive Program.
3. By marketing the provided FSI Online Income Generating Programs, your subscription cost can be easily covered.


Our goal is to help you grow and improve your business.

In the end, we are looking to create a network of similarly-minded driving schools that can make a difference nationally and internationally.

Do you want to be part of this?