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Driver Coaching Program

Fleet Safety International / Driver Coaching Program

The SAFERSystem Driver Coaching Program

Program Overview

Fleet Safety International’s new Driver Coaching Program is a real-world solution for internal evaluation and coaching of employee drivers. Selected safety professionals inside the organization are trained to become driver coaches / evaluators and then deliver the program to corporate employees.

This is an annual subscription-based service where driver coaches are trained and coached for the subscription price. The chosen safety individual or individuals work with Fleet Safety International experts to gain the knowledge and experience necessary for proper driver coaching and evaluation.

The Process:

  • The safety professional is assigned an FSI Coach.
  • The safety professional takes both the online Condensed Defensive Driving Program and the Online Train the Driver Trainer Coaching Program.
  • Individual or group coaching Zoom sessions are used to emphasize key points and answer any questions.
  • The safety professional will participate in a number of coaching / evaluations with FSI mentorship support.
  • After passing the program, the safety professional becomes FSI certified.

Employee Program:

  • Employees participating in the regular program will each take the online Condensed Defensive Driving program in advance of a driver evaluation / coaching session.
  • Upon successful completion of the online program the participants take a 2 hour in-vehicle coaching / evaluation training session.
  • All data is provided through online forms that are saved and can be assessed at anytime in the future.

Program Additions:

  • Training and FSI support shall be provided to safety professionals certified in the program to deal with participants who need further training. On online “Further Training Form” is used for this purpose.
  • Incident Review. All certified safety professional coaches will be trained in the use of the “Preventability Tool” as a way to review incidents and coach drivers who were involved in them. This tool is online as well so that a full record is kept.

This is an annual subscription-based service.

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This is an annual subscription-based service.