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About FSI

The Story Of Fleet Safety International

Fleet Safety International is Alberta’s leading supplier of online driver education and corporate in-vehicle training. For over 40 years we have set a standard for excellence that other driver training organizations follow. The cornerstone of all our programs is the Driver Competency Model which incorporates our SAFER™ System of Defensive Driving, both developed by our president, Dr. Randy Flemmer.

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Creating courses that accommodate

every skill level and group size.

Fleet Safety International can accommodate the training needs of any group, no matter the size. From 1-on-1 sessions to coordinated classes for entire companies, our experienced team can provide the solution required. Through the use of our “mobile classroom”, Fleet Safety International can provide full multi-media classroom presentations to virtually any location required.

Over that past 10 years we have expanded to offer online training across Canada and into the USA, providing further convenience to our students. We were the first Alberta company to provide an Alberta Government-approved online 3 demerit reduction program for Defensive Driving and Professional Driver Improvement. We are also the leading provider for Online Novice Driver Training in Alberta.

Students Participate In Practical, Hands-On, In-Vehicle Training

In our in-vehicle programs, Students receive training designed to teach and reinforce good defensive driving skills. Driver Assessments are conducted using the Fleet Safety International 63 Point Driver Assessment form which provides positive, constructive feedback to both the student and the sponsoring corporation.

An exciting and very popular feature of Fleet Safety International’s services is the Fleet Safety International specially designed Skid Vehicles. Fleet Safety International was the first Alberta company to own and operate skid vehicles. We have 5 custom-designed skid vehicles that have the capability of teaching skid recovery techniques almost anywhere and at any time of year. Our latest skid vehicle also has front left and right tire blow-out simulators. These vehicles teach our students to control skids in a safe, controlled and positive environment that allows for maximum driver learning and retention.

Offering programs that integrate key aspects of

Adult Learning Theory and Change Theory

Developed by Dr. R.H. Flemmer, the Mentally Active SAFER™ System is the learning system that shapes most of our course content. So, what makes our System so special? No question there are other good systems available, but most are tactical in nature; when you use the concepts and strategies, they work, when you don’t, they do not.

Human behaviour is such that in spite of our best intentions, sometimes are minds have drifted away and we are not using the system.

The SAFER™ System provides an acknowledgement of this and specific strategies to deal with the human factor. Many of these strategies and tactics are based on our long-time work with professional drivers and the strategies they use to be successful.

To learn more about the SAFER™ System, click here.

“Regardless of anyone’s knowledge, skill, experience or training, there are some days that we are better drivers than we are on other days.”

– The SAFER™ System

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