Buying A Winter Beater: Is It A Good Idea?

A winter beater is a concept well accepted worldwide, especially in areas that are notorious for their treacherous winters. And by that logic, Canada couldn’t be too far from that

3 Tips To Help You To Teach Your Teen To Drive Without Stress!

Teenage years are an eventful time, especially when they are in the age group of finding their balance, wanting their freedom and asserting their individuality. And getting their driver’s licence

3 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Refresher Driver Lessons!

Whether it’s a school exam or a driving test, it is bound to make people slightly nervous, no matter their age. A little bit of fear can be a good

Winter Driving Rules

Winter can be a dangerous time to drive due to poor weather conditions. This usually includes rain, very low temperatures, blowing and drifting snow, high wind chill, blizzards and of

Pedestrian Safety: Sharing the Road!

Submitted by Tom Shindruk, Fleet Safety International classroom instructor With the new school year about to start, it’s time to look at how we can ensure that our children and

10 Things to Ask Yourself While Driving

Submitted by Tom Shindruk, Fleet Safety International classroom instructor   1. Are you watching your speed?   2. Will the other driver change lanes without signalling?   3. Are you

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