Mastering Winter Driving: Essential Skills for Safe and Confident Navigation

Winter driving brings its unique set of challenges, including snowy roads, reduced traction, and limited visibility. Safely navigating these conditions requires mastering specific skills and techniques, which can be gained

9 Safety Tips for Driving Commercial Trucks at Night

Trucking accidents pose a significant risk, often resulting in substantial damage. This risk is notably heightened during nighttime driving, which introduces unique challenges and increases the likelihood of accidents. Reduced

How to Be a Safety-Conscious Driver During the Halloween Season?

We all enjoy spooky festivities, like Halloween. However, accidents are prone to happen during Halloween due to all the chaos. So, what can you do to ensure safe driving during

How to Reduce Road Risks with Safe Driving Habits?

Ready to hit the road without the stress? Join us on a journey to transform your driving experience into a safer and more enjoyable adventure. This blog is your roadmap

What Is The PDIC? How Can You Benefit From It?

In Alberta, road safety is paramount, and taking the Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC) can significantly improve your driving skills and knowledge. Here we delve into the details of the

Farm Safety Week: Physical Challenges and Risks That Farmers Face

Farming in Alberta, Canada, is an essential industry with unique challenges and risks. Among these risks are the physical hazards associated with operating heavy vehicles in agricultural settings. This blog

What Is The S.A.F.E.R. Premium Driving Course?

The S.A.F.E.R. Premium Driving Course is a driver education program offered in Canada that stands for Safety and Fuel Efficiency through Eco-friendly and Responsible driving. The course is designed to

Commercial Vehicle Driver Training: 3 Things To Know!

1. Commercial vehicle driver training is a specialized training program for individuals who operate commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, and other heavy vehicles: In Alberta, Canada, commercial driver training is

Winter Beater: What is it? Should You Consider Them?

A “winter beater” is a term for a reliable, inexpensive car primarily used during the winter months. While owning a winter beater is not essential, it can provide several benefits

How Do I Remove Demerit Points In Alberta?

Demerit points are a system used by the province of Alberta to keep track of traffic violations committed by drivers. When drivers accumulate a certain number of demerit points, they

Buying A Winter Beater: Is It A Good Idea?

A winter beater is a concept well accepted worldwide, especially in areas that are notorious for their treacherous winters. And by that logic, Canada couldn’t be too far from that

3 Tips To Help You To Teach Your Teen To Drive Without Stress!

Teenage years are an eventful time, especially when they are in the age group of finding their balance, wanting their freedom and asserting their individuality. And getting their driver’s licence

3 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Refresher Driver Lessons!

Whether it’s a school exam or a driving test, it is bound to make people slightly nervous, no matter their age. A little bit of fear can be a good

Winter Driving Rules

Winter can be a dangerous time to drive due to poor weather conditions. This usually includes rain, very low temperatures, blowing and drifting snow, high wind chill, blizzards and of

Pedestrian Safety: Sharing the Road!

Submitted by Tom Shindruk, Fleet Safety International classroom instructor With the new school year about to start, it’s time to look at how we can ensure that our children and

10 Things to Ask Yourself While Driving

Submitted by Tom Shindruk, Fleet Safety International classroom instructor   1. Are you watching your speed?   2. Will the other driver change lanes without signalling?   3. Are you

How to Safely and Legally Pass on the Highway

Submitted by Tom Shindruk, Fleet Safety International classroom instructor There are rules and laws regulating passing vehicles on our roadways. When passing on a two-lane highway you must be aware

What does S.A.F.E.R mean?

Submitted by Tom Shindruk, Fleet Safety International classroom instructor At Fleet Safety International we frequently use the acronym “SAFER” as a powerful tool in our curriculum. The SAFER system is

Training for the Future: Canadian Businesses Benefit from New Driver Coaching Program

CALGARY, AB, April 19, 2022 – Between the availability of public transit and ridesharing apps, Canada is seeing higher numbers of inexperienced drivers entering the workforce– bringing with them driver

Are You a Good Driver?

Submitted by Tom Shindruk, Fleet Safety International classroom instructor Most of us wanted to be able to drive as soon as possible when we were teenagers. Then it was someone

Wiper Blades: When to Change Them and Why?

Windshield wiper blades have a special place and purpose in most of Canada, where the weather can be unpredictable, and not just for the purpose of rain showers. They play

Fleet Safety International Launches Online Storefront for Driver Training

CALGARY, AB, Feb. 1, 2022 – Fleet Safety International, Alberta’s leading supplier of online driver education and corporate in-vehicle training, has launched a brand-new website featuring a storefront for their

3 Reasons Why Commercial Drivers Should Consider Doing An Online Course

White-collar industries aren’t the only ones that can enjoy the benefits of technological advances for the workplace. In fact, the utility of technology is far more evident in blue-collar jobs

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4 Ways To Prepare Your Vehicle For The First Snowfall

It’s that time of the year when festivities and frost, Santa and snow are in the air. And while it all appears enchanting in a children’s storybook, those of us

What Is Defensive Driving, And Why Is It Important?

Driving is considered to be a life skill. While it allows many people to live more independently, there’s another reason why it’s referred to as one of the most critical

How Can You Reduce Demerit Points?

Commuting to a place of work, running errands for home, school pickups and drop-offs… all these chores rely on your ability to drive from one place to another. Having your

How to Prepare Your Car for Your Next Road Trip

We understand how excited you are to go on a road trip! However, this doesn’t mean that you should be cutting corners when it comes to preparing for the adventure

3 Things to Expect from Your Defensive Driving Course

If you are taking corporate driver training, you may expect to go through a defensive driving course, a program designed to help you perform at your best while you are

How to Teach Your Teenager to Drive Safely

As a parent, you’ll do everything possible to protect your child from harm. However, at some point, they’ll need to learn how to drive, or else you’ll be stuck driving

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