What Is The PDIC? How Can You Benefit From It?

In Alberta, road safety is paramount, and taking the Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC) can significantly improve your driving skills and knowledge. Here we delve into the details of the

Farm Safety Week: Physical Challenges and Risks That Farmers Face

Farming in Alberta, Canada, is an essential industry with unique challenges and risks. Among these risks are the physical hazards associated with operating heavy vehicles in agricultural settings. This blog

What Is The S.A.F.E.R. Premium Driving Course?

The S.A.F.E.R. Premium Driving Course is a driver education program offered in Canada that stands for Safety and Fuel Efficiency through Eco-friendly and Responsible driving. The course is designed to

Commercial Vehicle Driver Training: 3 Things To Know!

1. Commercial vehicle driver training is a specialized training program for individuals who operate commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, and other heavy vehicles: In Alberta, Canada, commercial driver training is

Winter Beater: What is it? Should You Consider Them?

A “winter beater” is a term for a reliable, inexpensive car primarily used during the winter months. While owning a winter beater is not essential, it can provide several benefits

How Do I Remove Demerit Points In Alberta?

Demerit points are a system used by the province of Alberta to keep track of traffic violations committed by drivers. When drivers accumulate a certain number of demerit points, they

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