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Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC 3 Demerit)

Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC 3 Demerit)

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Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC 3 Demerit)

Course Overview

The Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC) is specifically designed for drivers in the transportation industry as both a refresher on safe driving attitudes and techniques and an introduction to new safe driving concepts.

This program is Alberta Government approved for 3 demerit reduction upon successful completion of this course with a minimum 80% passing grade.

The PDIC is divided into 8 modules, which can be completed at the learner’s pace and do not have to be completed in one sitting. Each module utilizes a variety of interactive scenarios, videos, and knowledge checks to help provide an engaging and memorable learning experience.


Approximately 6-7 hours.

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PDIC Defensive Driving Program Online Course Topics


  • Welcome
  • Course Navigation
  • Course Downloads
  • Objectives
  • Driver Readiness Quiz

Attitude (The SAFERSystem)

  • Scenario
  • Collision Statistics
  • The Challenge
  • Preventable and Non-Preventable Collisions
  • Fundamental Philosophy
  • Safer System Of Driving
  • Quiz

Driving Conditions

  • Adverse Conditions
  • Weather Conditions
  • Light Conditions
  • Road Conditions
  • Traffic Conditions
  • Driver Conditions
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Air Brakes
  • Couple And Uncouple
  • Quiz


  • Two-Vehicle Collisions
  • Vehicle Ahead
  • Collisions With The Vehicle Behind
  • Passing
  • Being Passed
  • Intersection Collisions
  • Head-On Collisions
  • Other Types of Collisions
  • Collisions With Trains
  • Collisions With Pedestrians
  • Sharing the Road
  • Quiz
  • Other Types Of Collisions
  • Backing Collisions
  • Wildlife Collisions
  • Jack-Knifing
  • Rollovers
  • Quiz

Collision Response

  • Accident Reporting
  • If a Collision Happens
  • Recording Accident Details and Information
  • Call Your Insurance Agent
  • Liability
  • Quiz


  • Statistics
  • Understanding Sleep
  • Recognizing Fatigue
  • Situational Awareness Test
  • Fatigue Strategies
  • Your Responsibility
  • Quiz

Impaired Driving

  • Drinking and Driving – The Statistics
  • Our Responsibilities
  • Penalties for Drinking and Driving
  • Other Drugs
  • Conclusion
  • Quiz


  • Emergency Maneuver
  • Skid Control
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Wheel Drop Off
  • Tire Blow Out
  • Quiz

Conclusion, Final Exam

Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC) Test:

Testing conducted in this online Condensed Defensive Driving program is designed to reinforce the information presented. A mark of 80% must be achieved in order to receive a certificate of completion. Participants are able to repeat the course twice if the pass mark is not achieved.

Course Certificate Of Completion:

Alberta residents who achieve the required passing mark for the Online 3 Demerit Reduction Defensive Driving Course will receive a Government Certificate in the mail. This certificate will be mailed between 3 – 5 business days after passing this course. Take your government certificate to a local registry office within the province of Alberta to receive a 3 demerit point reduction.

Non-Alberta residents can download and print a course completion certificate online immediately upon successful completion of the program.