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S.A.F.E.R™ Premium - Driving Course


31 hours (15 hours in online classroom, 16 hours in vehicle)

Why an Extended Program?

An extended program, designed around behavior and parent / student practice contracts, provides the student with the necessary knowledge, skill and experience to successfully drive in a busy city environment.

Studies have shown that people learn best when the instruction is experiential in nature and completed over an extended period of time. Good driving habits and positive driving attitudes become ingrained in the students driving mentality.

Our program is simply the most intensive, skill and knowledge building program available anywhere.

If you want your child to have the BEST training - this is the course that your child should be enrolled in.

The Program

Part One

  • 18 hours regular classroom

  • 12 hours in-car introductory training, parent / child contract. Also included track skills such as skid control, collision avoidance, backing... everything that is in our SAFER Pro program taught at our 2 1/2 acre paved training facility.

Part Two

  • 2 hours driver exam preparation.

  • 2 hours driver exam preparation.

Part Three

  • 4 hours Mentally Active Program

  • The Mentally Active Program is comprised of 2 classroom hours, 1 hour of in-car track training at our 20 acre gravel training area (covers skid control, control braking, low speed avoidance, ditch entry & backing techniques, and 1 hour of advanced coaching in defensive driving.

Additional Information

In this program, parents have the ability and are encouraged to spread lessons apart to allow for practice time. Conducting the program over an extended time, along with progressive skills training helps provide the student with valuable experience time. This program fully integrates the ideas and concepts of the Government of Alberta GDL (Graduated Licensing Program).

What is Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL)?

Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) is a program designed to improve road safety by creating a low risk, controlled environment for new drivers, regardless of age. GDL provides the opportunity for new drivers to gain experience, skills and maturity before graduating to more demanding driving conditions on their way to becoming safe and responsible drivers.

A common factor in collisions involving new drivers is inexperience. Alberta has introduced the GDL program because statistics show that the 48,000 new drivers entering the licensing system each year have a much higher collision risk than experienced drivers.

To move from one stage to the next, drivers and riders must show responsible driving behavior, sound vehicle-handling skills, as well as passing a road test to graduate from the learner and probationary stages.

Note: If required, this course offers free pick-up and drop-off service for students . Please call for details.