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Fleet Safety International is proud to offer a variety of online defensive driving programs that allow participants to work comfortably at home, at their convenience. All programs and courses are well researched and designed to be interactive in nature.

Online Defensive Driving Course – 3 Demerit Reduction (Alberta Only)InformationOnline Defensive Driving CourseWhy spend six hours in a classroom taking a defensive driving course when you can spend the time in the comfort of your own home?

Online Defensive Driving – Condensed VersionInformationOnline Defensive Driving – Condensed VersionThis online Defensive Driving course explores the six components of the SAFER System of defensive driving: Space, Attitude, Foresight, Eyesight and Responsibility.

Online Defensive Driving – UK VersionInformationOnline Defensive Driving – UK VersionThis online Defensive Driving course explores the six components of the SAFER System of Defensive Driving: Space, Attitude, Foresight, Eyesight, and Responsibility.

Online Defensive Driving – French VersionInformationOnline Defensive Driving – French VersionCe cours sur la conduite préventive est conçu pour les organismes de langue Francaise. Le cours explore les six composantes du système SAFER sur la conduite préventive.Attitude, Prévoyance, Visualisation et Resposabilité en sont les grandes lignes.

PDIC Professional Driver Improvement CourseInformationPDIC Professional Driver Improvement Course (Condensed)This short 2-3 hour program is the condensed version of the Fleet Safety International 3 demerit reduction Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC).

Online Drowsy Driving – Taking ResponsibilityInformationOnline Drowsy Driving – Taking ResponsibilityFatigue can be a silent killer when driving. Your eyelids droop and your head starts to nod. Yawning becomes almost constant and your vision seems blurry. This course reviews the dangers of drowsy driving and provides strategies that work to prevent it.

Online Fatigue Management for SupervisorsInformationOnline Fatigue Management for SupervisorsThis course is specifically designed to assist organizational leaders to understand fatigue, learn how it effects their employees and to evaluate their own organization for fatigue dangers.

Online Winter Driving CourseInformationOnline Winter Driving CourseWinter driving is not easy and at times can be dangerous. This program is excellent for organizations and people who wish to review and enhance their winter driving knowledge

Online Air Brakes Refresher CourseInformationOnline Air Brakes Refresher Course (Pro training)Prepare for your air brake test by reviewing our specially designed Online Air Brake Program. Available 24/7 the program includes all the knowledge you need to pass this test, an activity section and numerous practice tests.

Online Backing Safety FundamentalsInformationOnline Backing Safety FundamentalsThis online Backing Safety Fundamentals course explores the main risks associated with backing up a vehicle and offers simple solutions on how to reduce those risks.

Online BC Safe DrivingInformationOnline BC Safe DrivingThis BC Safe Driving course is a comprehensive defensive driving program designed to teach responsible driving practices and to help drivers of all experience levels become better drivers.

Online Boom Truck AwarenessInformationOnline Boom TruckIn our highly mechanized world, cranes are the workhorses that have increased economic growth and productivity in construction, mining, logging, maritime, production and service facilities. This online Boom Truck safety training course meets OSHA requirements for powered industrial boom trucks.

Online Effects of Stress on DrivingInformationOnline Effects of Stress on DrivingThis online Backing Safety Fundamentals course explores the main risks associated with backing up a vehicle and offers simple solutions on how to reduce those risks.

Online FourWheel Drive FundamentalsInformationOnline Four-Wheel Drive FundamentalsThis Four-Wheel Drive Fundamentals course provides all the basic information required for safe operation of commercial four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles.

Online School Bus Inspection ProgramInformationOnline School Bus InspectionConducting proper school bus inspections is both a moral and a legal obligation for school bus operators.

Online Safety Courses

Fleet Safety International is proud to offer a variety of online defensive safety programs that allow participants to work comfortably at home, at their convenience. All programs and courses are well researched and designed to be interactive in nature.

Online Alcohol and Drug Awareness:InformationOnline Alcohol and Drug Awareness:This online Alcohol and Drug Awareness course emphasises the seriousness of being “fit-for-work” and identifies personal responsibilities as they relate to ensuring the health and safety of all workers.

Bear AwarenessInformationBear AwarenessThis online Bear Awareness training program covers information relevant to individuals who spend time working, hunting, or enjoying recreational activities in bear country.

Online Chainsaw SafetyInformationOnline Chainsaw SafetyThis program is designed to cover the basics of safe, effective chainsaw use .

Online Compliance, Safety and Accountability for Non – DriversInformationOnline Compliance, Safety and Accountability for Non – DriversThis course begins with a brief overview of CSA. The lessons that follow will cover some of the specific ways that CSA affects your job and the jobs of other non-driving personnel. It will also explain how you and others can have an impact on your company’s CSA score.

Online Electrical Safety TrainingInformationOnline Electrical Safety TrainingThis online course provides a well rounded approach to the basics of electrical safety and helps increase understanding of the dangers of electricity from both a shock protection and arc flash protection point of view.

Online Fall ProtectionInformationOnline Fall ProtectionThis comprehensive online Fall Protection course is designed for individuals who plan, supervise, or perform work at heights. This course covers many aspects of fall protection including fall protection planning, equipment, safety measures, and administrative and engineering controls.

Online Fall Protection AwarenessInformationOnline Fall Protection AwarenessThis online Fall Protection Awareness course provides employers and employees with a basic understanding of workplace fall hazards and the workplace safety measures that can eliminate or mitigate those hazards. It also presents an overview of applicable Alberta legislated guidelines and industry practices corresponding to those hazards and control measures.

Online Firefighting & Fire Extinguisher SafetyInformationOnline Firefighting & Fire Extinguisher SafetyThis course provides the basic knowledge and skills required to fight a small fire. Topics covered in this course include fire types, classifications, and behaviours; types of fire extinguishers, extinguishing agents, and extinguisher classifications; procedures for operating a fire extinguisher and techniques for extinguishing a small fire.

Online First Aid AwarenessInformationOnline First Aid AwarenessThis comprehensive online First Aid Awareness course is designed to provide information required to respond appropriately to injuries and medical emergencies.

Online First Aide Interactive RefresherInformationOnline First Aide Interactive RefresherThis online First Aid interactive Refresher course is a collection of five engaging first aid situations in which students answer a series of questions about injury prevention and first aid. This innovative tool uses simulations of everyday injuries and medical emergencies in the workplace and at home to enhance learning and understanding of first aid.

Online Hazard AssessmentInformationOnline Hazard AssessmentThis online hazard assessment course will help participants understand the importance of hazard assessments on the overall performance of health and safety management systems.

Online Hazard CommunicationInformationOnline Hazard CommunicationThe purpose of the Globally Harmonized System is to standardized how we communicate about chemical hazards in the workplace. This course provides important information on safety data sheets, pictograms, potential physical and health effects of hazardous chemicals, and what workers can do to make everyday a safe day at work.

Online Lithium Battery TransportInformationOnline Lithium Battery TransportLithium batteries pose unique concerns when shipping them by air. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in lithium battery incidents onboard aircraft. Those who may not think that they ship lithium batteries, should think again.

Online OH & S and the Law for SupervisorsInformationOnline OH & S and the Law for SupervisorsWith laws and legislation changing constantly, the modern supervisor must be efficient, knowledgeable, and put the safety of the people under their command above all else. Upon completing this course, you will be armed with a thorough understanding of the Occupational Health & Safety Act and other key pieces of health & safety legislature.

Online PPE & Lifesaving Equipment: Safe at WorkInformationOnline PPE & Lifesaving Equipment: Safe at WorkPersonal protective equipment (PPE) protects workers and their livelihood when hazards are present in the workplace. This course teaches employees and their managers how to properly choose, use, and maintain PPE in the workplace.

Online PreTrip InspectionInformationOnline PreTrip InspectionThis online driver training course provides instruction on how to perform vehicle inspections that comply with the National Safety Code. While most vehicle inspection courses only list the items that need to be inspected, this course goes further by using professional videos to show truck drivers how to perform required truck inspections.

Online Safe Slinging and RiggingInformationOnline Safe Slinging and RiggingThe Crane Safe Rigging and Slinging Practices course covers practices and techniques to safely sling and rig loads according to the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Z150-98 regulation, which is applicable across Canada. It also adheres to ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards.

Online Safety MomentsInformationOnline Safety MomentsIf you ever had to run a safety meeting along with all the other work your job entails, you know the start off is usually the most difficult part. How do I break the ice to kick off the meeting? These videos can help!

Online Traffic Control Persons for ConstructionInformationOnline Traffic Control Persons for ConstructionThis program explains the techniques, equipment and legal requirements for traffic control persons in a construction environment.

Online Transportation of Dangerous GoodsInformationOnline Transportation of Dangerous GoodsThis online TDG training course will cover crucial information pertaining to the legal transportation of dangerous goods on Canadian roads. After completing this course, participants will know the regulations governing the transportation of dangerous goods on Canadian roadways, the 9 classifications of dangerous goods, the placards, labels, and accompanying TDG symbols required on vehicles & containers, documentation requirements when transporting dangerous goods, and requirements surrounding appropriate emergency responses in the event of accidental releases or spills of products.

Online WHMISInformationOnline WHMISThis online WHMIS course provides a comprehensive series of lessons on the essential topics of the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System.

Online WHMIS & TDG PackageInformationOnline WHMIS & TDG PackageThis online WHMIS and TDG Package course provides comprehensive lessons on the essentials for each WHMIS & TDG topic.

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